SH-Focus 523+Chemiluminescence Imaging System

Multi-functional Imaging System

SH-Focus 523+
Chemiluminescence Imaging System




Wireless Module is optional

  • It realizes wireless data transmission and wireless control with intelligent devices such as Windows and Mac computer, Mac book, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and other smart phones;
  • The data can be uploaded to claud, sent to appointed person or group via E-mail or social media by any smart devices with ONE-Touch; 
  • The system can also be unlocked by biometric functions such as face recognition and fingerprint;

CCD Camera

  • 16 Bit Cooling CCD Camera 
  • CCD Size:12.49x9.99mm
  • CCD Sensor:Sony ICX695
  • Pixel Size:4.54X4.54 μm
  • Readout Noise: 5.5e- RMS at 12 MHz
  • Dark current: <0.0005 e-/pixel/sec. @ -30º C
  • Dynamic Range: ﹥4.6 OD
  • Resolution:6.05 Megapixels,2750*2200
  • Pixel Density: 16bit (65536 Grey scales)
  • QE: >78%
  • Cooling:Three stage (TEC) cooling, -60℃ below ambient
  • Single USB3.0


  • Standard 25mm F0.80 Lens 
  • Focus and aperture controlled by software


  • No light leakage darkroom
  • Drawer design, pull-out sample tray, samples can be placed without taking out sample tray

Light Source

  • White light LED*2

Image Acquisition Software

  • Supports Windows, MAC OS, IOS and Android system,
  • Wireless connection to smart devices including PC, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Android PAD and Smart phones,
  • Provide data sharing function,
      The function above is only available with wireless module
  • Run without any software encryption devices, so as to avoid that the experiment cannot be carried out due to the loss or damage of the encryption device,
  • Other functions are similar to other brands ... ... 

Image Analysis Software

  • Run without software encryption devices, free download for all the useres,
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS,
  • A "Magic stick" can automatically identify the lanes and bands in the selected area, and the data, such as gray value, molecular weight and band concentration will be automatically calculated,
  • Other functions are similar to other brands ... ...


  • Western Blotting membranes Western Lightning, ECL, ECLplus.
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