Multi-functional Imaging System

Gel Documentation System



  • Full open door dark box without light leakage;
  • Automatic door opening protection system to prevent UV damage;
  • Users can set the time for automatic shutting UV light down;
  • The top cover can be disassembled, and the after-sales maintenance is more convenient
  • Size: 44x40x72cm

CCD Camera

  • Scientific Digital Camera
  • Resolution:20 Megapixels,4800*4440
  • Pixel Density:16bit (65536 Grey Scales)
  • High QE: 85%
  • Readout Noise: 3.1e- RMS
  • Dark current:1e-/pixel/sec.@25℃
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:75.2db
  • Sensitivity: 5pg EB stained DNA


  • F1.2 mortorized lens
  • 6x optical zoom
  • Automatic focusing, the software realizes the automatic focusing of samples by algorithm, avoiding the error of human judgment

Filter System

  • Standard 590nm filter (530nm optional)
  • Optional 8 position filter wheel with various filters

Light Source

  • White Light LED*2
  • Optional RGB Light Source,such as 470nm、530nm、630nm

Sample Trays

  • UV Transilluminator:Standard 302nm(optional 254nm, 365nm)
  • White light plate (wihte light transmission)
  • Blue Light plate  (blue light transmission)

UV Protection

  • UV Protection Shield

Image Acquisition Software

  • SHST image acquisition and analysis software provide multi-language operation interface, and automatically recognize 8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit, 14 bit and 16 bit images;
  • Automatic and manual identification of lanes and bands supports  the most appropriate way to analyze the results according to the sample;
  • Add, delete, adjust the lanes and bands;
  • Automatically and manually calculate the density, integral and peak value of each bands in the lanes; Makes the calculation of the optical density, molecular weight and mobility of the bands more accurate;
  • Suitable for the calculation and quantitative analysis of the optical density for various samples such as DNA/RNA gels, 96 well plate, microporous plate, etc.;
  • Analysis data can be directly output to excel files.


  • DNA/RNA detection Various fluorescent dyes, such as: EtBr, Gel Red, Gel Green, SYBR ™ Gold, SYBR ™ Green, SYBR ™ Safe, Fluorescein, Texas Red labeled DNA / RNA detection;
  • Protein detection Coomassie brilliant blue, silver-stained glue and fluorescent dyes, such as: Sypro ™ Red, Deep Purple and Pro-Q Diamond, labeling glue / membrane / chip, etc .
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